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Public Works
Roads & Bridges
The department is responsible for:
  • Construction and maintenance on 350 miles of county roads, over 200 miles of which are paved construction (usually reconstruction or resurfacing)  
  • Maintenance, which consists of snow removal; mowing and weed control; blading gravel roads; sealing, patching, and crack filling paved roads; and sign maintenance and replacement (including 9-1-1 addressing signs)
  • Preparing plans and specifications for work including:
    • Inspecting work of contractors
    • Performing quality control tests
    • Preparing and managing construction contracts

The department is also responsible for inspection of 200 bridges / large culverts under county and township roads and recommendation of replacement or rehab when needed. It is responsible for approving permits for all work by others in county highway rights of way and for approving oversize and overweight loads on county roads.

Ditches & Tile Systems
The department is responsible for inspection of and making recommendations for maintenance and repair of county ditches and county tile systems. There are 36,000 benefited acres, which is approximately 13% of the county surface area.

Parks & Other County Facilities
  • Involved in major remodeling activities at county buildings
  • Responsible for maintenance / improvements of four county parks and county fairgrounds
  • Responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of most county vehicles

The department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of TMT (Take Me There) Bus Service where $3.00 will get you anywhere in the county.

Solid Waste
  • Conduct household hazardous waste collections (twice annually - May and September) and other recycling programs
  • Manage programs and enforce ordinances pertaining to proper solid waste disposal

2018 Seasonal Load Restrictions