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Mobile Homes & Travel Trailers
By state law, an appraiser must value personal property, which could include decks, additions, and travel trailers. If a trailer has current license registration it is exempt from personal property tax. If however, it does not display a current license, it must be valued as personal property and you will receive a tax statement for this personal property. This tax is due and payable in the same year.

Homestead is available for personal property mobile homes. Call the assessor's office at (507) 375-1205 to receive an application. Homestead applications are to be completed and returned to the assessor's office by May 29.

If the application is not returned it will result in a non-homestead classification.

To transfer the title of the mobile home, the taxes are to be paid in full. Please contact the treasurer's office, (507) 375-1213, for a tax amount or estimate.