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Adult Services
Long Term Care Consultation (LTCC):  A process in which a screening team consisting of a public health nurse and social worker make an evaluation of client's current situation, their needs and preferences regarding their health care.

Elderly Waiver / Alternative for Disabled Individuals (ACG):  A state program designed to decrease nursing home placements and provide home care to individuals age 65 or older who meet financial guidelines.

Community Alternative for Disabled Individuals (CADI):  A state program intended to promote community living and independency by support services based on individual needs.  Clients must be under 65 years of age and certified disabled.

Vulnerable Adults:  Vulnerable adults are people 18 years of age or older who live in a licensed facility, receive treatment from licensed facilities or are unable/unlikely to report abuse or neglect because of mental, physical, or emotional impairment.

Development Disability Services:  Identifies the need for, planning, seeking out, acquiring, authorizing, and coordination services.  Also includes monitoring and evaluating the delivery of services and protecting the rights of persons who are mentally handicapped.

Adult Mental Health Case Management:  This program provides information, referrals, client outreach, arranges for housing emergency crisis, and the development of Individual Community Support Plans along with various other services.

Community Support:  This service deals with medication monitoring, crisis assistance, psychosocial rehabilitation, and development of Independent Living Skills.

Chemical Dependency:  This program provides Rule 25 Assessments, case management, referrals to in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities and assists the courts to obtain involuntary commitment when necessary.