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Alternative Practices
(Remember alternative practices must meet NRCS standards and be approved by BWSR to be considered compliant with the Buffer Law)

1. Haying a grass vegetative buffer

2. CRP 30 feet minimum width:
    1. Meets compliance for public waters 50’ average / 30’ minimum width.
    2. Must meet NRCS standards & requirements.

3. Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP):
    1. Becoming certified meets compliance with the MN Buffer Law.
    2. Must maintain certification with the program.

4. State Cost-Share with SWCD:
    1. Filter Strip

5. Approved Water Quality Practices by Board of Water Soil & Resources (BWSR) following NRCS Standards with comparable benefits of a buffer.

With any questions or interested in more information, please come into the Land Management / SWCD office, call or email.