Child & Teen Checkups


Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) are a benefit for children, birth through 20 years of age, who are eligible for Medicaid. A Child and Teen Checkup is a well-child check that is done at different ages, to help children stay healthy, and to take care of any health concerns or problems early.

Checkups help with staying up-to-date on immunizations, detect health problems so that they can be treated early like anemia and lead exposure. In addition, parents and children can get help for any concerns about development, behavior, or mental health information about staying and becoming healthier - including healthy foods, how to keep children active and strong, and how to help children be successful in school.

For more information, to check your child's eligibility, or for help setting up an appointment visit: They're healthy. You're happy. And it's free.

C&TC Appointments Include: 

  • Head-to-toe exam with immunizations and lab tests (as needed)
  • Checks on development and growth and hearing and vision checks
  • Information about good physical and mental health
  • Time to ask questions and get answers about your child's health, behavior, and development and to talk about the child's learning, feelings, relationships, parenting and caregiver well-being
  • Application of Fluoride Varnish to keep the teeth healthy
  • Referral to the dentist or other providers (as needed)
    • Early dental checkups help keep teeth healthy, and ensure your child doesn't develop cavities or other tooth problems that require treatment
    • Visits to the dentist should begin as soon as a baby gets their first tooth, or no later than 12 months old and regular dental visits should continue every six months, or more often if your dentist recommends

Car Seats for C&TC Participants

Watonwan County Public Health offers free car seats for those with an eligible Medicaid program and who participate with C&TC. Education and demonstrations on installation are provided prior to car seat distribution. Please call 507-375-3294 for further information. 

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