U.S. Passports


To obtain a United States passport you will need to present the following:

  • Completed passport application form (Do not sign. You must sign in person at an acceptance facility) You can obtain it from the county recorder's office or this passport agency's website and click on applications and forms.
  • Proof of citizenship. A certified copy of birth certificate, previous passport, or Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) naturalization certificate will be enough.
  • Two identical 2-inch passport photographs. Our office takes passport photos for $15.
  • Valid identification such as valid driver's license.
    • Minors under 16 must appear with both parents and both must have a valid photo ID. If minors 16-17 have no ID, at least one parent will have to appear with the minor, present valid photo ID and sign application.
  • Fees: Please call 507-375-1216 for current fee changes.
  • If leaving in less than six weeks, you may expedite the passport application process by paying a $60 expedite fee per passport. The fee is in addition to the cost of the passport and there may also be express mail fees.
  • For children under 16, both parents are required to sign the application.

Processing time varies. It can take approximately eight weeks until you will receive your passport in the mail.

Please Note

All applicants must appear in person. If your passport was issued in the last 15 years but has now expired, please call our office at 507-375-1216 for additional instructions.