Solid Waste


  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection twice annually in which residents of the county can safely dispose of the household hazardous chemicals they are no longer in need of.  
  • Manage programs and enforce ordinances pertaining to proper solid waste disposal.
  • Issue Demolition Permits
  • Issue Solid Waste Hauler’s Licenses (Please contact our office for further information.)

Household Hazardous Waste

Spring collections are held the last Tuesday of May in Butterfield and the last Wednesday of May in St. James. 

Fall collections are held the last Tuesday of September in Madelia and the last Wednesday of September in St. James. 

For full details on these events, check out the links below. 

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Information

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Fees


A demolition permit is required to ensure you are in compliance with Minn. R. 7035.0805 prior to the commencement of renovation/demolition. The process to obtain the necessary permit is as follows:

  • Complete the demolition permit and submit to the Solid Waste Administrator for review and submittal to the state. 
  • Upon notification from the state, the required ten (10) day waiting period will begin.  
  • Solid Waste Administrator will notify the applicant of the demolition start date.  
  • Demolition materials must be hauled to a demolition landfill by a Watonwan County Licensed Solid Waste Hauler.


Burning paper, plastic, and other garbage is illegal, and has been since 1969!  Over the past 50+ years our trash has changed.  There’s a lot more plastic and chemically-treated paper and other stuff in our trash today.  When you burn it, it makes poison.

Dangers of Backyard Burning

Sharps Disposal

Sharps are not to be disposed of in the recycling bin or the trash.  Please see the information below on how to properly dispose of sharps


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Solid Waste