Community Health Improvement Plan


A community health improvement plan is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems in a community. It is based on the results of community health assessment activities, and is one step in a process to improve community health. The community health improvement plan is developed collaboratively, and defines a vision for the community's health; the community health improvement plan is the community's plan, not the community health board's plan for the community. 

Community Health Services Advisory Committee 

The purpose of the Watonwan County Community Health Services Advisory Committee shall be to advise, consult with or make recommendations to the department of public health, as well as, the Board of Health on matters relating to the development, maintenance, funding and evaluation of community health services in Watonwan County.

Priority Health Issues for Watonwan County 2020-2024

1. Youth Mental Health

2. Adolescent Reproductive Health 

3. Oral Health Access and Outcomes 

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